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World Champion books

October 12th, 2021 16 comments

We have two new books at the printer, with their publication date expected as the end of November. I would give an exact date, but the printer isn’t exactly sure on the timing.

The Road to Reykjavik is the first of two books by IM Tibor Karolyi about Bobby Fischer’s life and games. This volume takes us from Bobby’s early years up until his qualification for the world title match. So among many other things, it includes the legendary matches against Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian. An excerpt is available here. The second volume, on the 1972 match and more, will follow next year.

Magnus Carlsen’s Middlegame Evolution by GM Ivan Sokolov takes us inside the mind of a chess genius and shows what we can learn from Carlsen’s middlegame play and how it has evolved over the years. An excerpt is available here.

I hope you enjoy reading both excerpts.

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