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Forward Chess, Videos and Discount Coupons

April 13th, 2020 11 comments

Hello Quality Chess readers. These are unusual times, but I am sure you see plenty about that on other websites, so other than wishing you all well, I shall stick to chess-related topics.

Our friends at Forward Chess have started having authors record videos about their books. A recent example is Boris Avrukh’s video about Dynamic Systems

Forward Chess are also offering a 20% discount on Quality Chess books for the next two weeks – until April 28. The discount uses a special coupon which is applied on the shopping cart screen of their website. Please note that the discount only works on the Forward Chess webstore, as app stores don’t allow coupons. The coupon code is QUALITY

You can find Quality Chess books on Forward Chess at the previous link.

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Forward Chess – Special Offer on Grandmaster Preparation series

November 3rd, 2017 6 comments

On Tuesday we will be releasing the sixth and final volume of Jacob’s Grandmaster Preparation series on Forward Chess. So we will make a Special Offer – all 6 books in the series in the Forward Chess editions for $99.95. That is, these 6 Forward Chess books for the price of 5.

To get the details of how to take advantage of this offer, please contact Forward Chess directly at

I would emphasize that emailing Forward Chess is the only way to go, as you cannot click and buy this offer directly as you would normally do to buy a single book.

Or if you prefer paper to electronics, then there is already a Special Offer for the Quality Chess editions of Jacob’s series.

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Grandmaster Preparation on Forward Chess (and the poll result)

March 27th, 2017 37 comments

Last week’s poll question was ‘Who will win the 2017 US Championship?’ As expected, the Big Three collected almost all the votes. Wesley So was top, getting over half the vote, with Caruana on 30% and Nakamura on a surprisingly low 10%. The games start a couple of days from now, so we shall see.

I will take a break from asking poll questions this week to announce that four of Jacob’s Grandmaster Preparation books – Calculation, Attack & Defence, Endgame Play and Strategic Play – are now available on Forward Chess. The remaining two books in the series – Positional Play and Thinking Inside the Box – will appear on FC in due course. So if you prefer ebooks to physical books (they do take up less room) then now is your chance to catch up on Jacob’s series.

Jacob is of course on his Asian tour, and we will keep you updated on where he is and what he is up to.

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Forward Chess Pricing

January 23rd, 2017 No comments

We have to admit that we are fixated on writing books and don’t know much about the price systems out of our control. But we looked into it after Apple changed their prices in the UK, India and Turkey. Apparently £1 = $1, because the British voters are erratic. Let’s not go there. Looking at at this moment, £1 = $1.24.

On top of this, the UK charges full VAT on electronic books, 20%. So you arrive at £19.99. As suggested by someone on this blog: Buy the hardback. 

We are outside control on this issue with IOS devices. But not necessarily so with Android, as Forward Chess explains:

“1. Apple – there is nothing we can for one country. Once we specify the ‘tier’, all country prices get filled in automatically. You can pick any tier you wish, for any book.
2. Android – when we set up a new book, we specify the USD price and then convert other currencies. Unless we hit this ‘convert’ button later on, the prices do not change.
That’s why you may see different GBP prices for different books where the USD price is the same.

The bottom line – in Android, we can specify any price, for any book, for any local currency.”

We will do just that.

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Forward Chess video

December 17th, 2015 9 comments

Our friends at Forward Chess have a promotional video. See what you think. It is only 46 seconds long, so it will not delay you long. It does have sound, so be careful if you are supposed to be working…

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The Classical Slav on Forward Chess – feedback and our reaction

October 22nd, 2015 13 comments

A few weeks ago Tobias told us in a blog comment that the Forward Chess version of Grandmaster Repertoire 17 – The Classical Slav did not work correctly. The navigation did not guide the reader through the book as it should. We checked and Tobias was absolutely right. The best fix was to start from scratch and convert the book into Forward Chess format again. And that is what was done. Of course doing the work again costs money, but we need our books to work as planned.

So if you have bought the Forward Chess version of The Classical Slav then I suggest deleting the old version and downloading the new version, which works beautifully. Naturally you will not be charged anything for downloading the book again. If you have not bought the book yet, then now is a good time to remedy your oversight.

We try to get everything right the first time, but when we hear something is wrong, we try to fix it. The error in this case was made by us, not Forward Chess. One of our QC people did the original ebook conversion, but it turns out he was not suited for the task (luckily he has great skills in other areas). The new version was converted by an FC expert, who has also converted our recent books, and will be doing our books in future, so the problem will not happen again.


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