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June 19th, 2012 82 comments

At a time where Kirsan the fool is visiting all torture chambers in the world in the name of chess, it is nice to see something optimistic and fun regarding our game. This is my current experience of typesetting Mayhem in the Morra by Marc Esserman. It is not a coincidence, but faith, that we will be able to publish this book on the 4th of July. With this we celebrate our ability to think independently of our leaders, whether they are responsible for the financial mess we are in, responsible for the rules of football where everyone in the world but the referee is allowed to see that there was a penalty in Denmark-Germany or Greece-Russia for that sake – or just straight loons like Kirsan…

A belief in the existence of Santa Claus is more rational than imagining White has adequate compensation after the unwarranted 3.c3?” – Nigel Short

I hope I will one day be White against Nigel and he plays 1…c5!

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Weteschnik novel

June 18th, 2012 1 comment

I promised to put the following on our blog. I have not read Martin’s novel (or the Game of Thrones books, which are on the shelf looking at me), so I cannot give a personal opinion, except that obviously this must be a great novel 😎

Martin Weteschnik, a Quality Chess Books author, has published his first literary work. The novel “Endgames” plays in San Francisco, where the author lived for about five years. Although not exclusively a chess novel, FM Weteschnik has brought in many of insights from his active time when he was also training with people of world-class format. A review in the German Chess magazine “Rochade” asserted that the novel has presented an extraordinary view on chess.

“Endgames” is available as an ebook at amazon and smashwords.

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