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Newsletter Sign-Up

June 29th, 2009 No comments

It is now possible to sign up for our newsletter on the Quality Chess website.

This is a quick and easy way to keep up to date with Quality Chess.

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Attacking the Spanish (Brunello) and Build up Your Chess 3 (Yusupov)

June 18th, 2009 50 comments

Attacking the Spanish and Build up Your Chess 3 will be at our warehouse on the 15th of July. This means that they will be available in most shops over the following weekend, or on the following Monday.

As always, it will take some time for the books to reach Amazon. The delay is intentional, keep the chess shops alive…

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The Fashionable Slavs

June 12th, 2009 No comments

I recently spotted an extreme example of the popularity of the Slav and Semi-Slav variations. I was looking at Magnus Carlsen’s games with White after 1.d4 d5 2.c4. Now there are several solid moves (such as 2…e6 or 2…dxc4) and many off-beat lines (for example, 2…Nc6 or 2…e5) but between the start of 2008 and the 1st of June 2009 all of Carlsen’s opponents replied 2…c6. I make it about 18 2…c6’s in a row.

Elite chessplayers are dedicated followers of opening fashion.


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Reputations: the Schliemann

June 10th, 2009 9 comments

Sabino Brunello’s first book, Attacking the Spanish, is getting ever nearer to ready. This started me thinking about the Schliemann variation (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 f5), one of three lines the book covers, with the Marshall and the Gajewski. For decades most GM’s believed that the Schliemann was unsound, but in the last few years Radjabov has single-handedly convinced the chess world that 3…f5 is a respectable move.

Has any other variation enjoyed such a sudden improvement in its reputation? The best alternative I can think of is the a6-Slav, but that was a gradual process, I think. Whereas overnight the Schliemann switched from ?! to !?

John Shaw

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Tiger’s Novelty in the Slav vs. Avrukh’s 1.d4

June 5th, 2009 2 comments

1.d4 d4 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Bf5 5.Nc3 e6 6.Nh4 Be4 7.f3 Bg6 8.Qb3

This is a line recommended by Boris Avrukh in Grandmaster Repertoire 1: 1.d4. The usual replies are 8…Qb6 and 8…Qc7. In January this year Sweden’s No.1, Tiger Hillarp Persson, introduced a stunning new idea: 8…b5!!?

Last month, in a training session in Edinburgh, Tiger explained how he came up with the idea. Most new ideas are prepared in advance at home and computer-checked: Tiger’s was an over-the board inspiration. He had intended to play 8…Qb6, then he suddenly thought, “Was 8…b7-b6 so bad?” and then 8…b7-b5 popped into his head. He quickly checked that 9.cxb5 c5 offered some play, and that he had some ideas against 9.c5, and then Tiger was ready. He used less than 10 minutes before playing 8…b5: a new move in a position that had been played over 400 times.

So if you follow Avrukh’s repertoire, how should you reply to Tiger’s gambit? Playing 9.c5 with the idea of a2-a4 to follow is interesting, but my suggestion is to try to refute the gambit by accepting it: 9.cxb5 c5 10.Nxg6 hxg6 11.g3!? White’s king will often find a home on g2. For example if 11…Bd6 then 12.Kf2 (stopping …Bxg3) 12…Qc7 13.Kg2 (again stopping …Bxg3). The king looks safe and White is a pawn up.

So far 8…b5 has been played 4 times and no one has tried 9.cxb5. If you have the chance, give it a go.

John Shaw

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Boris Avrukh on 1.d4 on his own blog

June 5th, 2009 No comments

Boris has written a bit about GM Repertoire 1 at his site. Visit it at:

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Boris Avrukh Israeli Champion

June 4th, 2009 No comments

Although not individually, this time…

We have promised to recommend people to go to if they are looking for top training from one of the best players in the world, Boris Avrukh. There you will also find the story behind the headline.


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Publishing Schedule for Summer 2009

June 3rd, 2009 35 comments

Tuesday we finally changed website provider, giving us a chance to change some information on the site that had grown old – as for example expected publishing dates.

This also brings about the chance for creating a newsletter again, something we have been missing for a while. We would use this to announce our new books a few weeks before publication mainly, so I have created this new category on the blog to keep the readers up to date with out progress.

At the moment we have fixed dates on Frage der Moderne Schachteori and Grossmeister Repertoire 1 – Band Eins, translations of the books published in English by Lipnitsky and Avrukh, now spelled Lipnitzky and Awruch. We will have the books in our warehouse on the 24th of June. There is a slight delay at the printer because of summer catalouges, so this is the fastest they could do.

However, they hope to be ready to print our soon forthcoming titles in English faster. We are talking about Build up Your Chess 3 by Artur Yusupov and Attacking the Spanish by Sabino Brunello first of all. I think these will be out 2 weeks later, meaning the 8th of July – but I want to stress that this is not final by any means.

Later in the summer we will finish the following books:

(I will be revising the dates as we go along. These are not promises in any way!)

Mihail Marin: GM Repertoire 3 – The English Opening vol. 1

This book is basically written. I have been going over the manuscript and Mihail wants to add some new games to the book that he played over the last few weeks. Marin’s English is becoming very fluent and the corrections needed by the editors will be minimal. I am hoping we can prepare this book for printing in 3 weeks time already!

The book looks absolutely fantastic. Those who thing Avrukh started the series on a high level will not be disappointed.

Estimated publication date 22nd July

Volume 2 will be out in September or October.

Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne: Champions of the New Millennium

We have put a lot of work into this book. It will be big. I have typeset 8 chapters of the 18. John has finished the final editing in a few hours. The book will be typeset next week somewhere, will then go to proofreading and the printer.

Estimated publication date 22nd July

Tibor Karolyi: Genius in the Background

This is a profoundly different book, very interesting to edit and read. I am not sure it will be the most commercial of our books, but we don’t choose our books based on expected profits, but on what we want to work with.

Estimated publication date 29th July – but this is probably too optimistic 🙁

Jacob Aagaard: Attacking Manual 2

I am about 250 pages into AM2 and it keeps growing. So far it is 250 pages.The final book will be 6 chapters and 50 exercises. AM1 will be re-typeset and re-issued, with 3 extra games. The first book was ugly, but the content is worth saving.

Estimated publication date for both – September 2009

Boris Avrukh: GM Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 volume 2

Boris is quite far in the work on this book. It is bad news for supporters of bad gambits and has the same number of new ideas as in the first edition.

Estimated publication date – September 2009

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