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Olympiad Quiz – The Solomon Decision

September 20th, 2016 14 comments

We have the winners of the Olympiad Quiz. And with winners, I do indeed mean winners. Read more…

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Olympiad Quiz – Way too early prediction

September 13th, 2016 51 comments

I took the freedom of guessing on some of the final results of the Quiz. They may change, but at the moment, Gollum is in the lead with a projected 11 correct answers. It will take a bit of time to get confirmed which Iranians that made norms and other details. And some games are still in play, meaning that the final results may change!

The excel sheet is here.

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Something about methodology and binding, hardbacks and so on…

September 9th, 2016 36 comments

Based on some of the discussions here on the blog recently and over time, I just wanted to briefly touch on a few subjects.

First off, just a little bit of an update. I uploaded two books to our printer Sunday night. They are: Read more…

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Olympiad Quiz update

September 8th, 2016 3 comments

If you want to follow how well things are going in the Olympiad Quiz, you can see how everyone have answered here.

You can enter the answers on your own and the sheet should calculate the points for all participants automatically. At least this is the theory!

We will find the winner when the tournament is over.

NB. Thank you to the 80% of participants that read the instructions and entered the competition correctly, without adding words that I then had to remove before I could enter them…

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How to read Jacob’s books

September 5th, 2016 78 comments

I get a few emails/facebook messages every week, asking questions, coming with suggestions and so on. In general, I prefer to receive them on the blog, so my answers can be seen by anyone who is interested, so they can work out for themselves which direction is right for them.

A few days ago I got the following email, which is quite typical, as is my answer, even though I went into extra detail this time around. With permission I post it here for anyone who are interested…

Dear sir,

My name is xxx xxx, aged 1x years and my elo is 21xx. I have bought a couple of books this month authored by you. I want to know which book should I start reading first. The books are:

Excelling at technical chess

Excelling at chess

Excelling at chess calculation

Attacking manuals 1 and 2

Inside the chess mind

Grandmaster versus amateur

Practical chess defense

Grandmaster preparation series-

Positional play

Strategic play



xxx xxx

xxx, India. Read more…

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Three new titles and the Olympiad Quiz reminder

September 1st, 2016 47 comments

Yesterday we published three books, Dynamic Decision Making in Chess by Boris Gelfand, the second volume in his series. Grandmaster Repertoire 1B – The Queen’s Gambit, which is the second out of four books in Boris Avrukh’s reimagining of a 1.d4 repertoire. And finally Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 vs. the Sicilian III by Parimarjan Negi, which is the fourth volume out of six. All three authors will continue their work on these projects and release more books next year.

Tomorrow the Baku Olympiad begins. We have created a small Quiz, where the winner will win a box of chess books, sent to anywhere in the World. Please go to this link to see the conditions for entering (which is mainly to structure the email according to the example!).

Andrew, John and Colin are all playing in the Olympiad for Scotland, while Nikos is the captain of the Danish team. Claire and I will stay at home. Orders will go out as usual, but single purchases might take 1-2 days longer before they go in the mail.

We will put another newsletter together after the Olympiad – with actual chess content!

Adding to this newsletter, I would like to say that once the Olympiad is over and everyone are back, we will be able to work out exactly where we are with various projects. I have a bit of news now, which is that the Ragozin and the final Kotronias book on the KID are basically done from the authors and will be big priorities. King’s Indian Warfare and Grandmaster Repertoire 19 – Beating Unusual Openings are both going to print this weekend and a few other books are nearing completion. I know at least of one author who is done and just rechecking stuff. But he is playing in Baku too, so probably we will get that book delivered once the guys are back.

Excerpts will be slow in coming. I am busy and Colin is in Baku. We still don’t have an official publication date for these two books. It will be close to radio silence from us for the next two weeks; except that I will pop in, do the Monday poll and a few other minor things.