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August 31st, 2009 1 comment

This weekend Chess Scotland organised a seminar with GM Jacob Aagaard at Quality Chess’ headquarters in Glasgow. The following positions were used and will be available for a week: PGN-file

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Grandmaster Repertoire 3 and Champions of the New Millennium out on the 9th of September

August 25th, 2009 14 comments

Finally it is possible for me to confirm that Grandmaster Repertoire 3 – The English Opening Volume One by acclaimed author Mihail Marin and Champions of the New Millennium by Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne are set for release on the 9th of September (unless something goes wrong at the last moment).

Both books are up to date, with editing on Champions ending a few weeks ago, and editing on GM Repertoire 3 ending today (although the last chess was added Friday).

You will be able to find excerpts from the books here:

GM REP 3 excerpt

Champions of the New Millennium excerpt

An update on the remaining books will follow next week. Right now I am busy preparing for the four day seminar I am giving at the Quality Chess headquarters Thursday to Sunday this week.

Jacob Aagaard

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Chess for Ballooners

August 17th, 2009 1 comment

If you have always wanted to watch two International Masters playing chess 400 feet off the ground in a helium-filled balloon, then today is your lucky day.

During the recent British Championship IMs Andrew Greet and Jack Rudd (rivals from the neighbouring English counties of Cornwall and Devon) played just such a match. Andrew has been working at Quality Chess for a few months, so we pay particular attention to what he gets up to on his holidays.

YouTube has the story in two parts:
Part One Part Two

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Attacking the Spanish reviewed

August 14th, 2009 1 comment

We were delighted to receive the following excellent review from Danish GM Peter Heine Nielsen (FIDE 2680) of Attacking the Spanish by Sabino Brunello.

“Attacking the Spanish gives a repertoire for Black against the Spanish and uses the atypical concept of giving three lines instead of the usual one, a concept previously used with success in Beat the KID, (Quality Chess 2008). The three lines are: the Schliemann (3…f5), the Marshall Attack as well as the popular ‘Gajewski’ gambit with 9.h3 Na5 10.Bc2 d5!?. It is noticeable that all three lines lose a pawn, but the Marshall still has a reputation for solidity and is working quite well at the top level at the moment.

All the variations are well researched, and in the two more spectacular variations, the Schliemann and the Gajewski, the author is fully objective, pointing out why Black has had problems in these lines in the past.

The book has a lot of new analysis, but the lines are build firmly on modern grandmaster practice; for example, the Schliemann is built on Radjabov’s repertoire.
A good book by an author who tells you everything he knows about the openings. A great debut.”

Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen

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Updated Publishing Schedule

August 11th, 2009 30 comments

It is very difficult to predict when authors will finish their works – also for the authors. Writing a book, even about chess, is an unpredictable business, and so is the life of the chess professionals we prefer as authors to our books. For example, Mihail Marin was working on his book on the English opening, when one chapter spun “a bit” out of control and ended up being 700 pages in draft form. Once edited and polished, this will be an entire book, and we had to split it in two. Another example, Boris Avrukh, working on GM Repertoire 2, is coming towards the end, but the theory keeps moving and he keeps getting good invitations to tournaments, which we always encourage him to play, should he want to.

Having come with this disclaimer, here is the latest publishing schedule.

Ftacnik, Kopec & Browne: Champions of the New Millennium September 9, 2009

Mihail Marin: Grandmaster Repertoire 3 – The English Opening vol. 1 September 9, 2009

Marin/Garrett: Reggio Emilia 2007/2008 September 30, 2009

Tibor Karolyi: Genius in the Background September 30, 2009

Boris Avrukh: Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 Volume Two October 15, 2009

Jacob Aagaard: Attacking Manual Volume 2 October 15, 2009

Jacob Aagaard: Attacking Manual Volume 1 2nd edition October 15, 2009

John Shaw: Quality Chess Puzzle Book November 15, 2009

Boris Alterman: White Gambits November 15, 2009

Artur Yusupov: Boost your Chess 1 December 1, 2009

John Shaw: The King’s Gambit December 15, 2009

Mihail Marin: Grandmaster Repertoire 4 – The English Opening vol. 2 January 15, 2010

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