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Genius in the Background and Reggio Emilia out on December 9

November 25th, 2009 41 comments

On the 9th of December we will publish GENIUS IN THE BACKGROUND and REGGIO EMILIA 2007/2008, if everything goes right. We are working away on the other books to the best of our ability. Andrew has edited AM2 and typeset 5 out of the six chapters. I am about to begin typesetting AM1 (2nd edition). Hopefully I can do it much better than the first time around.

GM Repertoire 2 is getting closer to existence. Boris says he needs two weeks to hand in the remaining chapters. A lot of the previous chapters have been seriously formatted and need a quick edit before typesetting.

Once this is done, John will focus on finishing the puzzle book. The material has been collected. We have 2000+ positions, gathered over the last five years, now we need to select.

Boost your Chess 1 is close to going to the printer.

The rest should be coming on well, as always, the question is how fast the three of us can get the work done.

Attacking Manual Volume 2 13 January 2010
Attacking Manual Volume 1 2nd edition 13 January 2010
Boost your Chess 1 27 January 2010
Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 Volume Two 27 January 2010
The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits 27 January 2010
Grossmeister Repertoire 3 – 1.c4 e5 27 January 2010
Quality Chess Puzzle Book 25 February 2010
Play the Scandinavian Defence 25 March 2010
Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Caro-Kann 25 February 2010
Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 1 – 1961-1985 03 March 2010
Karpov’s Strategic Wins 2: Volume 2 – 1986 – 2009 03 March 2010
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Slowly getting there

November 4th, 2009 49 comments

We have been battling a bit with ill health, tax returns (and an inept, now fired, accountant), commas and the usual Scottish autumn weather. As a result everything has slided a bit.

Reggio Emilia 2007/2008 is printed, and can be ordered from our webshop, but we are not releasing it for wider distribution until Genius In the Background is ready. The concern is that of the smaller bookshops, who prefers to keep quantities higher, and thus postage costs low. For this reason we prefer to publish books two at a time.
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Brilliant Boris in Battle

November 3rd, 2009 No comments

Israel did not play well at the European Team Championship in Novi Sad this year. Overall the team got 50%. The hero in a lot of their matches was Quality Chess author Boris Avrukh, who often was the sole winner in a 2,5-1,5 victory.
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