Quality Chess Academy 2020

February 13th, 2020 No comments

Quality Chess Academy takes place in a holiday resort on Crete, a sunny Mediterranean island. For a week, you get the chance to train daily with some of the best chess trainers in the world and get inspired to continue your work at home. It can be combined with playing the Cretan Chess Tour tournaments, before and/or after the training camp.

In November 2018 GM Jacob Aagaard and GM Boris Gelfand were the trainers. An amazing experience and a boost in chess performance, resulting in a participant to cross 2700 and securing an IM title for another.

Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the November 2018 camp we decided to organise a camp for 8-14 May 2019. GM RB Ramesh joined Jacob as a trainer for a very successful camp for players of all levels,

In the titled group (IMs and GMs), we got some very impressive results; a championship, many second places, a GM title, +50-60 points up in a few cases, +30 in some others, with the biggest ELO gain +86 points for that group. In the non-titled group, things improved a lot as well, with +65 ELO points the biggest gain and we hope to celebrate the IM title soon!

Encouraged by these results and by the fact that many participants want to come back, we decided that two camps are needed for 2020. One in June 2020, 8-14 and one in October 2020, 12-18.

Yes, we added an extra day and kept the same price for 2020. In June 2020 we are giving you the chance to train in person with GM Jacob Aagaard and GM Sabino Brunello. GM Sam Shankland will join us, budget allowing.

The concept remains the same; top Quality Chess training for every participant.

Join us in Crete, bring your friends and family, enjoy a chess holiday for yourself and let them enjoy the amazing resort themselves!

You can find more information on our website, qualitychessacademy.com, on our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/qualitychessacademy or send an email to info@qualitychessacademy.com and if you register soon, you get a 20% discount for the service fee.

Special Offers and a Catalogue

January 27th, 2020 18 comments

We made a slight tweak to our Yusupov Special Offer. Instead of being 9 hardcovers for the price of 7, it’s now 10 hardcovers at 25% off (so a slightly bigger discount than before). The addition is Revision and Exam 1, as the idea of this Yusupov Special Offer was to include all the Yusupov books, and now it does again. Also available again is our Judit Polgar Special Offer, after we reprinted A Game of Queens.

We also printed our 2020 Catalogue – a leaflet showing some of our plans for the year.

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Books in use…

January 17th, 2020 3 comments

IM Koen Leenhouts from the Netherlands very kindly sent us the above photo with the caption: “Spent a couple of weeks with wonderful reading material🙂” And he added “The Anand Files however I found fascinating to read.”

Thanks for that. And we will forgive you for having two non-QC books out of the six.

The Anand Files features prominently in that photo, and is receiving fantastic reviews. For example: “The Anand Files is a triumph, beautifully written and accompanied by more than one hundred full-color photos. Abeln has done his subject justice and the only flaw in the work is that it ends.” John Hartmann, Chess Life

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Coming Soon…

January 9th, 2020 430 comments

We have updated our Coming Soon page with some titles we plan to publish in Spring and Summer of 2020. It’s quite a few books, so I will keep the details brief in this post. You can read more about each book on its own webpage, as linked below. The first five books below are expected in Spring 2020.

Playing the Grünfeld by Alexey Kovalchuk. The title tells the story – a fighting repertoire against 1.d4 by a talented young Russian player.

GM Mihail Marin will supply a two-volume Black repertoire against 1.d4 using 1…f5, with the aggressive Leningrad Dutch at its heart. The titles are Leningrad Dutch and Dutch Sidelines.

The 2600+ Ukrainian GM Martyn Kravtsiv is writing two volumes from White’s perspective after 1.e4 e5. The title Italian Renaissance tell the story – Bc4 is White’s choice, covered at both move 2 and 3, for added flexibility. There will be Volume I and Volume 2.

The following four titles are expected in Summer 2020.

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Free ‘Book of the Month’ – January and February

January 6th, 2020 No comments

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year from everyone at Quality Chess.

And secondly, we are continuing our free-fourth-book offer – if you buy three books or more and live in the normal European Union zone (as defined by UPS – for example, they exclude some islands and remote areas) we will send you an extra book free.

Please note that if you buy a Special Offer and are in the EU zone, we will add one free book. For example, if a European buys the Special Offer on our award-winning Grandmaster Preparation series, then we would send the 6 hardcovers, plus one free extra book.

The previous default option on the free book was The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits. For January and February we will switch the default option to The Alterman Gambit Guide – Black Gambits Volume 1. But if you already have that book, or would prefer a different free book, then send us an email to salesgroup@qualitychess.co.uk with your order, asking to have it replaced with one of the following titles:


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The Nimzo-Indian in action

December 18th, 2019 12 comments

Our friend Renier Castellanos has written another blog post for us. To download it as a PGN file go here.

Jamie Santos Latasa – Sophie Milliet, Sunway Sitges Open 2019

Opening Preparation As expressed in my previous blog post (see the Taimanov in Action) being well prepared in the opening is one of the key factors to obtain a good result when playing against a more experienced, higher rated and overall stronger opponent. I wouldn’t say opening preparation is a vital element to play good chess but it is surely a useful tool disposable to every chess player. The benefits of learning openings are many but these three are my main motivation: – Save time on the clock that will be used later at critical moments – Guarantee yourself a reliable position – Surprise an unaware opponent with a line In the game we are about to see, Sophie Milliet, a strong IM from France plays against the Spanish GM Jaime Santos Latasa. We can’t tell for certain how IM Milliet prepared for this specific game but she played an interesting opening line that features in Michael Roiz’s fantastic book The Nimzo Indian Defence.

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The Thinkers on US TV

December 13th, 2019 2 comments

If you are watching TV in the USA this evening, there is a chance you may see a Quality Chess book lurking as a ‘background prop’. It is on a show called “The Blacklist”, 8:00–9:00 PM EST 13th December on NBC . Apparently there is also an NBC app.

It’s not certain The Thinkers will make the ‘final cut’. And even if it does, the book does not feature in the story; it’s just part of the background scenery. But I hope the point will be to show that one of the main characters has great taste in books.

If you do see David Llada’s book on NBC, then please let us know in the comments. As we Hollywood types say – that’s a wrap.

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The Sicilian Taimanov – a problem and solutions

December 11th, 2019 9 comments

A reader, “Mr X”, pointed out a big improvement for White in a sideline given in The Sicilian Taimanov. So, with thanks to Mr X, I will share the problem line, and offer a couple of my own suggestions to patch the sideline.

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be3 a6 7.Qf3 Nf6 8.0–0–0 Ne5 9.Qg3 b5 10.a3!? Bb7! 11.Bxb5!? Rc8 12.Bd3

The author met this rare sideline with a sharp line leading to a repetition. It’s on page 423 of Chapter 20. But there is a problem lurking at the end of that line, as Mr X pointed out in an email to us.

The main line continues 12.Be2 Neg4 and then, for example, 13.Qxc7 Rxc7 when Black has ample compensation.

12…Nh5 13.Qg5 g6 14.f4 f5 15.fxe5 Be7 16.Qh6 Bf8

With a repetition, was the expectation. Except, as Mr X pointed out, White has a superb queen sacrifice.

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