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Danish Championship – Round 3

One of the great things with having Nikos helping is that people know it. So they try to surprise me in the opening!? As Black I am of course happy to get into the game without any problems and even more happy when I have a better position after 11 moves! I seriously think I played really well – for my level of course!

Also on 2.5/3 is GM Allan Stig Rasmussen, who have looked a bit shaky, but is a great fighter. GM Sune Berg Hansen has 2/3 and will definitely be a strong contender. I am just happy to have played good chess in my retirement, the others can care about titles, prizes and such stuff…

Andersen,Mads (2473) – Aagaard,Jacob (2520) [D04]
DEN-ch DM 2014 Skørping (3), 14.04.2014

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.Nbd2 cxd4
I am happy to play the Caro-Kann, as long as I do not have to put my pawn on c6. I only do this with White!
5.exd4 Nc6 6.c3 Qc7?!
These lines are good for White if the bishop comes to f4. But here 6…Bf5 was more accurate.
7.Be2?! Bf5 8.Nf1
I was thinking that 8.Nh4 Bd7 9.0–0 was more natural.
8…h6 9.Ng3 Bh7 10.0–0 e6 11.Re1?!
Too slow. 11.Ne5! Bd6 12.f4!? with equal chances.
11…Bd6 12.Bd3 Bxd3 13.Qxd3 0–0
I think Black has been quite successful in the opening, but most of the game still remains.
14.Bd2 b5 15.b3 Rab8 16.Re2
[fen size=”small”]1r3rk1/p1q2pp1/2nbpn1p/1p1p4/3P4/1PPQ1NN1/P2BRPPP/R5K1 b – – 0 16[/fen]
16…Rfc8 was normal, but I wanted to open up the centre and put pressure on d4 in advance.
17.Rae1 b4 18.Ne5
I realised just after my move that he was going to play this and the game would get more concrete. For some reason I got very nervous. 18.c4 should of course be played. I did not find anything concrete after 18…dxc4 19.bxc4 , so I was contemplating  19…a5!. I felt the position was pretty unclear.
Nikos tells me that 19…Nxd4!? 20.Nxd4 Bc5 21.Nxe6 fxe6 22.Qf3 apparently is good for Black if you analyse it deeply (I had rejected it). I think I will go to the bar instead!
18…bxc3 19.Qxc3 Rdc8 20.Rc1 Rb6
I was thinking the d4-pawn would be weak in the long term. But I did not consider it a great advantage.
21.Qd3 Qb7 22.f4
With the idea f4-f5. It seemed very logical to me.
[fen size=”small”]2r3k1/pq3pp1/1rnbpn1p/3pN3/3P1P2/1P1Q2N1/P2BR1PP/2R3K1 b – – 0 22[/fen]
22…Ba3 23.Rc3?!
23.Rxc6 Rbxc6 24.Nxc6 Qxc6 25.f5 Here Black is marginally better after 25…exf5.
I had planned 25…Qc2, but not seen 26.Qa6! The game is very complicated here: 26…Bb2 27.Be3 Qb1+ 28.Nf1 Re8! (28…Rc3?! 29.fxe6! Rxe3 30.Qc8+ Kh7 31.Rxb2! Qxb2 32.exf7 Re2 33.Qf5+ g6 34.f8N+ with a likely draw.) 29.Bf2 Ne4 and Black keeps the pressure on.
Putting pressure on d4.
24.Rxc6 Rbxc6 25.Nxc6 Qxc6 26.Be3
26.f5 Qc2 and the d4-pawn falls.
[fen size=”small”]2r3k1/p4pp1/2q1pn1p/3p4/3P1P2/1P1QB1N1/P3R1PP/2b3K1 w – – 0 27[/fen]
A bit confusing to some, probably. Yes, the bishop on e3 is bad, but in order to win one of those weak pawns, I will have to exchange it anyway. So why not do it now and have the chance to break in on c1 or c3.Black is already clearly better.
27.h3 Ne4 28.Nxe4? dxe4 29.Qd1 Bxe3+ 30.Rxe3 f5
[fen size=”small”]2r3k1/p5p1/2q1p2p/5p2/3PpP2/1P2R2P/P5P1/3Q2K1 w – – 0 31[/fen]
I was sure this was winning already.
31.Re2 Qd6 32.Rf2?!
I was thinking that I would win after 32.Qd2 Rd8 33.Kf2 Qxd4+ 34.Qxd4 Rxd4 35.Rc2 a5 as well, though it would be less straight forward.
[fen size=”small”]2r3k1/p5p1/3qp2p/5p2/3PpP2/1P5P/P4RP1/3Q2K1 b – – 0 32[/fen]
The invasion is coming.
33.Qh5 e3!
33…Rc1+ 34.Kh2 e3 35.Rf3 e2 36.Qe8+ Kh7 37.Rg3 was a line I saw.
[fen size=”small”]4Q3/p5pk/3qp2p/5p2/3P1P2/1P4RP/P3p1PK/2r5 b – – 0 37[/fen]
But unlike the commentary rook, I missed 37…e5!! 38.dxe5 e1Q! and Black wins. A very nice line.
My move is better as it avoids calculation and eliminates all risk of errors. But obviously computer’s don’t miss things and don’t understand this!
34.Rf1 Qxd4 35.Kh2 Kh7!
I was afraid that I had messed up there, but of course this is a good move. Again calculation is avoided.
36.Qf3 Qd2 37.Rd1 Rc1!
[fen size=”small”]8/p5pk/4p2p/5p2/5P2/1P2pQ1P/P2q2PK/2rR4 w – – 0 38[/fen]
The pawn queens.

The games are transmitted live at http://liveskak.dk/dm/2014/


[Event “Danish Championship”]

[Site “Comwell Rebild”]

[Date “2014.04.12”]

[Round “1”]

[White “IM Simon Bekker-Jensen (2445)”]

[Black “GM Jacob Aagaard (2520)”]

[Result “0-1”]


1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Bg5 c6 6.Qc2 h6 7.Bh4 Be6 8.e3

Nbd7 9.Bd3 g5 10.Bg3 Nh5 11.Nge2 Nxg3 12.Nxg3 h5 13.O-O h4 14.Nge2 Bd6

15.f4 Nf6 16.Qd2 g4 17.f5 Bd7 18.Nf4 Qe7 19.Rae1 O-O-O 20.Qc2 Kb8 21.a3

Bc8 22.b4 Qc7 23.Qd2 Rhe8 24.Qf2 g3 25.hxg3 hxg3 26.Qxg3 Nh5 27.Qh4 Nxf4

28.exf4 Rh8 29.Qg3 Rdg8 30.Qf3 f6 31.Ne2 Rh4 32.g3 Qh7 33.Rf2 Bxf5 34.

Bxf5 Qxf5 35.Rg2 Rhg4 36.Kf2 a6 37.Nc1 Qc2+ 38.Kg1 Qh7 39.Nd3 Bc7 40.Kf2

Ka7 41.Re3 Bb6 42.Nc5 R4g7 43.Qe2 Qf5 44.Rh2 Rh7 45.Rxh7 Qxh7 46.Qf3 Rg6

47.Ne6 Rh6 48.f5 Rh2+ 49.Ke1 Ra2 50.Re2 Ra1+ 51.Kf2 Qh2+ 52.Qg2 Qh5 53.

g4 Qh4+ 54.Ke3 Rxa3+ 55.Kd2 Rg3 56.Qf2 Qxg4 57.Kc2 Rf3 0-1


[Event “Danish Championship”]

[Site “Comwell Rebild”]

[Date “2014.04.13”]

[Round “2”]

[White “GM Jacob Aagaard (2520)”]

[Black “IM Jakob Vang Glud (2518)”]

[Result “1/2-1/2”]


1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e3 g6 5.Nf3 Bg7 6.Be2 O-O 7.O-O Bg4 8.cxd5

Nxd5 9.e4 Nb6 10.Be3 Bxf3 11.gxf3 N8d7 12.f4 e6 13.Kh1 a5 14.Rc1 1/2-1/2


[Event “Danish Championship”]

[Site “Comwell Rebild”]

[Date “2014.04.14”]

[Round “3”]

[White “IM Mads Andersen (2473)”]

[Black “GM Jacob Aagaard (2520)”]

[Result “0-1”]


1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 c5 4.Nbd2 cxd4 5.exd4 Nc6 6.c3 Qc7 7.Be2 Bf5 8.

Nf1 h6 9.Ng3 Bh7 10.O-O e6 11.Re1 Bd6 12.Bd3 Bxd3 13.Qxd3 O-O 14.Bd2 b5

15.b3 Rab8 16.Re2 Rfd8 17.Rae1 b4 18.Ne5 bxc3 19.Qxc3 Rdc8 20.Rc1 Rb6 21.

Qd3 Qb7 22.f4 Ba3 23.Rc3 Bb2 24.Rxc6 Rbxc6 25.Nxc6 Qxc6 26.Be3 Bc1 27.h3

Ne4 28.Nxe4 dxe4 29.Qd1 Bxe3+ 30.Rxe3 f5 31.Re2 Qd6 32.Rf2 Rc3 33.Qh5 e3

34.Rf1 Qxd4 35.Kh2 Kh7 36.Qf3 Qd2 37.Rd1 Rc1 0-1 [/pgn]


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  1. Janman
    April 15th, 2014 at 08:52 | #1

    It looked like a nice Black win to me! Exchanging the whitesquared Bs and piling up on the c3 target, finishing it off with the excellent exchange operation Bc1 and Ne4. Funny how you point out just the questions I initially had from my helicopter view: why Rfd8 if the c-file is the half-open one and my initial shock at seeing Bc1! (but with the plan of f4-f5 it indeed seems like the best time to play this). Quite instructive.

  2. Jacob Aagaard
    April 15th, 2014 at 09:19 | #2

    Thank you.

  3. Janman
    April 15th, 2014 at 14:40 | #3

    Hmmm, bit of a meek draw today. Is it fair to say you got away with it as Black has the easier play against your 3rd row weaknesses?

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