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Tiger's Modern by Tiger Hillarp Persson

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Tiger's new book on The Modern Defence is now available.

In modern chess it is often difficult to be creative in the opening, but in this book Tiger Hillarp Persson shows it can be done. Tiger presents his own favourite line against 1.e4: the Modern Defence with …a6. With the laid-back approach he brings both to the game of chess and life in general, he covers White’s various replies to his system, with a repertoire based on understand­ing, typical reactions, and interesting games, rather than theory to be memorised. Pieces are sacrificed in a great number of games and famous grandmasters will meet their doom on the pages of this refreshingly lively opening book.

Tiger Hillarp Persson is a grandmaster from Sweden who is famous for his original style. As well as being hard to beat, he has defeated players of the highest level. This is his first chess book.

ISBN: 9789197524360 - 216 pages - Published 25 June 2005


"This is the kind of chess book that I value most highly; one in which the author seems to have enjoyed the process of writing, and offers the reader the pleasant experience of direct communication from a thoughtful person. If you are looking to expand your repertoire, and consider yourself one of those 'unreasonable' men upon whom all progress depends, Tiger's Modern is highly recommended."

GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess  

"A thorough and very thoughtful book... new analysis and improvements in nearly every line... Tiger's Modern is a first-rate book by an original thinker."

IM John Watson

"In a clear but highly entertaining writing style, Tiger gives us in-depth plans/rules/ideas that will prove invaluable to the reader... fine explanations, mixed with a seemingly endless cascade of new plans and theoretical novelties... The author's plan-rich explanations (some of the best I've ever seen!) make mastering this system doable. Highly recommended!"

IM Jeremy Silman

"Keeps one entertained with a lively style full of humour... Great stuff!"

GM Glenn Flear, New in Chess

"A fantastic source of inspiration, good advice and hard analysis "

Phil Adams

"Tiger's Modern is an outstanding book, equally full of ‘heart' and ‘brain'"

Rick Kennedy, Chessville

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