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Quality Chess was founded in 2004 by chess fans IM Ari Ziegler, GM Jacob Aagaard and GM John Shaw. The ambition was to provide the chess public with books with an angle more on quality than on marketing. This has been fulfilled as Mihail Marin won the ChessCafe.com book of the year 2005 for Learn from the Legends and Igor Nor & Alik Gershon won the ECF book of the year 2007 for San Luis 2005.

In 2007 Ari Ziegler left Quality Chess to become president of the Swedish chess federation and the company moved to the UK. His energy and initiative brought a consensus to Swedish chess, of which Ari can be very proud.

In April 2009 IM Andrew Greet joined Quality Chess in the post of Sales and Marketing. GM Colin McNab joined the team in November 2010.

About Us - Quality Chess

The Quality Chess team is:

Kallia Kleisarchaki
Sales and customer contact

John Shaw
Director and Chief Editor

Jacob Aagaard
Creative Director

Andrew Greet

Mailing Address:

Quality Chess UK Ltd
Suite 247
Central Chambers
11 Bothwell Street
G2 6LY, United Kingdom

General Enquiries

Tel. (44) 141 204 2073

Registered in Scotland: SC327356.
VAT No. 991 7367 71

Sunrise Handicrafts Quality Chess works together with National Book Network in the US, www.nbnbooks.com, and with Sunrise Handicrafts of Lublin, Poland (www.polishchess.com) in Europe. Sunrise specialises in the production and sale of chess sets and combined orders can be organised to the benefit of all. Chess retailers in the US are asked to contact National Book Network directly, while customers in Europe are asked to contact us about purchase of our books.

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