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Excerpts (A - Z)

A Spanish Rep. for Black (UPDATE)  
Advanced Chess Tactics
Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 1
Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 2
Alterman Gambit Guide - White Gambits
Attacking the Spanish
The Berlin Wall
Attacking Manual 1
Attacking Manual 2
Beat the KID
Beating the Open Games 2 (UPDATE)  
The Benko Gambit
Boost Your Chess 1
Boost Your Chess 2
Boost Your Chess 3
Build up Your Chess 1
Build up Your Chess 2
Build up Your Chess 3
Champions of the New Millennium
Challenging the Grünfeld
Challenging the Nimzo-Indian
Chess Evolution 1
Chess Evolution 2
Chess Evolution 3
Chess Evolution November 5/2011
Chess Evolution September 4/2011
Chess for Kids and Parents
Chess Lessons
Chess Praxis
Chess Tactics from Scratch
Chess Tips for the Improving Player
The Cutting Edge 1 - The Open Sicilian 1
The Cutting Edge 2: Sicilian Najdorf 6.Be3
Experts on the Anti-Sicilian
Experts vs the Sicilian 2nd edition
Genius in the Background
Grandmaster Battle Manual
GM Repertoire 1 - 1.d4 Volume One (PGN UPDATE)  
GM Repertoire 2 - 1.d4 Volume Two (PGN UPDATE)
GM Repertoire 3 - The English Opening vol. 1
GM Repertoire 4 - The English Opening vol. 2
GM Repertoire 5 - The English Opening vol. 3 
GM Repertoire 6 - The Sicilian Defence
GM Repertoire 7 - The Caro-Kann
GM Repertoire 8 - Grunfeld vol 1
GM Repertoire 9 - Grunfeld vol 2
GM Repertoire 10 - The Tarrasch Defence
GM Repertoire 11 - Beating 1.d4 Sidelines
GM Repertoire 11 - Beating 1.d4 Sidleines (UPDATE)
GM Repertoire 12 - The Modern Benoni
GM Repertoire 13 - The Open Spanish
GM Repertoire 14 - The French Defence Vol. 1
Grandmaster Preparation - Attack & Defence
Grandmaster Preparation - Calculation
Grandmaster Preparation - Positional Play
Grandmaster Preparation - Strategic Play
Grossmeister-Repertoire 4 (GERMAN)
Grossmeister-Repertoire 5 (GERMAN)
Grossmeister-Repertoire 9 - Grunfeldindisch Band 2 (GERMAN)
How I Beat Fischer's Record
Karpov's Strategic Wins 1
Karpov's Strategic Wins 2
The King's Gambit
Kotronias on the King's Indian - Fianchetto Systems
Learn from the Legends
Mayhem in the Morra
My System
Play the Semi-Slav
Play the Scandinavian
Playing 1.d4 - The Indian Defences
Playing 1.d4 - The Queen's Gambit
Playing the French
Playing the Queen's Gambit
Playing the Trompowsky
Positional Chess Sacrifices
Practical Chess Defence
Pump Up Your Rating
Quality Chess Puzzle Book
Questions of Modern Chess Theory
Reggio Emilia 2007/2008
Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces
San Luis 2005 2nd edition
Soviet Chess Strategy
Soviet Middlegame Technique
The Sveshnikov Reloaded
Tiger's Modern
True Lies in Chess
Understanding Chess Tactics
Verbesseren Technik (GERMAN)
Verbessern Sie Ihre Schach (GERMAN)
Vonden Legenden Lernen (GERMAN)


A Spanish Repertoire for Black
Grandmaster Repertoire 1 - 1.d4 volume one (pgn)
Grandmaster Repertoire 2 - 1.d4 volume two (pgn)
Beating the Open Games
Experts vs the Sicilian 1 (pgn)
The Tarrasch Defence - GM Repertoire 10


Interview of San Luis 2005 with Alik Gershon & Igor Nor
Interview of Mihail Marin

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