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Colin the Silver Solver

Last week Colin McNab, long-time QC editor and proofreader, was in Dresden, Germany as part of the British team at the World Chess Solving Championships. The Polish team of Piorun, Murdzia and Mista proved too strong, but Britain took the silver medals – well done all. Full results here.

The photo below, by Franziska Iseli, shows Colin with his teammates Jonathan Mestel and John Nunn – all three are of course over-the-board Grandmasters.

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  1. August 15th, 2017 at 05:23 | #1

    Yet again I am impressed by the strength of the British players. The quiet and reserved personality of Colin McNab hides and deflects you from recognising his true strengths and ability. His contribution to chess and a worthy holder of the title GM. Evergreen Dr John Nunn I also hold in admiration and has had some fine results representing England in team and has an individual. Jonathan Mestel holds the distinction of becoming the first player to be awarded the Grandmaster title at both over-the-board chess and problem solving. I remember him with wild curly locks of hair and a beard. The clean shaven head, creates a whole new image to me. Well done all three and congratulations.

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